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Anodized Mover Pen
Anodized Mover Pen

Tactile Turn

Anodized Mover Pen

In Black

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Designed To Fit.

For many, having tactile items during their workday helps them to focus. This is true about computer keyboards with tactile, loudly clicking keys as it is for pens. With the Anodized Aluminum Mover Pen, you can get that satisfying click whenever you write, helping you to stay engaged in your work. Creating this sound is the all-titanium click mechanism that is specially made for this pen, in particular, a mechanism that is not found in any other pen on the market. No matter how often it is clicked to expose the ink, it will never wear down or get stuck, nor will it lose its satisfying clicking sound.

Besides its clicking sound, the Anodized Aluminum Mover Pen also has a long stroke length and will retract to hide nearly three millimeters inside of the pen, helping to ensure that no ink gets on your clothes or hands. The pen body of this pen is thicker toward the front and thinner toward the back, helping to more easily distribute the weight and make it more comfortable to write with. The texture of the grip extends all the way back, giving you something easy to grip onto no matter where you like to hold the simple black pen.

  • Details
  • MATERIAL CNC Machined Aluminum, Titanium Mechanism
    TEXTURE No bite with just enough grip
    COLOR Black