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Slim Sleeve
Slim Sleeve
Slim Sleeve
Slim Sleeve
Slim Sleeve
Slim Sleeve
Slim Sleeve


Slim Sleeve

In Black

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Agility is the new strength – as long as it has room for all. 

The language of power was never an easy one, especially since those fluent in it want to keep it as a closely guarded secret. As much as we want to believe that success lies in relaxation and ruffled poise, the truth is that it takes a delicate balance between effort and persistence. If you have always admired the spirit behind “keeping it simple,” then here is your chance to pursue it unreservedly.

A coat of blue steel provides an edge of daring modernity that matches well with almost everything – and yet never runs the risk of looking garish. There’s a reason why blue is one of the most popular favorite colors out there; it is cool, collected, and equally accepting of the future and of nature. Made completely from hand-stitched, sustainable leather, fortified by non-toxic dyes, and further boosted by its slim design, this is a wallet that speaks of speed and accuracy rather than raw chops.

  • Details
  • MATERIALS Hand-stitched leather
    COLOR Blue Steel
    DIMENSIONS 80 mm x 95 mm
    CAPACITY Holds 4 to 12 cards
    FEATURES two-fold structure, 2 quick access slots, pull tab
    WARRANTY 3 years warranty